“Agro-culture Groups”

Agrotechnological complex of production of vegetables of the closed ground. agrokultura group is a new brand in the field of greenhouse construction and continuous cultivation of vegetable crops in the closed ground. The products are manufactured under the brand name “Green Standard”. all vegetables are grown in a closed ground in compliance with all standards and, of course, pass strict sanitary control.
Area: 62 ha
General Director: Chernyshov Vladimir Nikolaevich
Тел.: +7 499 649 20 00

LLC “Prefabrika AG”

Construction and launch of a high-tech plant for the production of a universal building system based on lightweight concrete.
Products: new heat-efficient and environmentally friendly wall material (non-combustible and durable), lightweight concrete house kits for the rapid construction of low-rise and mid-rise apartment buildings, individual residential buildings and other buildings for various purposes.
Land plot area: 5 Ha.
Plant area: about 20 thousand sq. m
General Manager: Gornov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Phone.: +7 499 372 50 89